May 1st, 2003

the only earth?


I went to the office today. It was really crowded and we had meetings so I really didn't get anything accomplished except for some homework.

Tonight The Postal Service was at the Crocodile. First, however, there were some opening bands: Xiu Xiu was very intense and mostly quiet. Very performance artish, "honest", etc.

Cex was sort of the opposite. Rowdy and formulaic, Tim & Ellen both volunteered their cars to let him drive off a mountain. I really hated him too, but don't have a car to offer. The all-agers seemed to love his show: partially clothed, in the audience, with calls and responses.

The combination of acts was really strange, but it was worth it to see The Postal Service. They had mostly cool videos, excellent stage presence, and more live instruments than I'd expected. They played everything from their album, which elicited euro dancing, as well as a Phil Collins cover.
the only earth?


In one of the more offensive membership-building strategies I've seen in a while, college republicans promote themselves with cigars:
The smokeout began five years ago when former club presidents . . . took a cue from Rush Limbaugh, the conservative radio-talk-show host, who suggested designating a “go out and smoke day” in response to lung-cancer awareness week.

I guess with Republicans in power the kids can finally come out and reclaim the stereotypes. Maybe it's empowering?