April 28th, 2003

the only earth?

networking is fun!

I'm not really sure what I think about this, but I signed up yesterday. Here's the tempting invitation:

Josh Bis has invited you to join Josh's personal and private
community at Friendster, where you and Josh can network with each
other's friends.
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Click below to join Friendster:

Maybe I should've protected this post to make my network seem more exclusive?
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the only earth?


The morning was dedicated to administrative details: sorting through the piles of post-camping goods into laundry/not laundry, washing the marshmallow fluff from silverware, restoring order in general. I finally acknowledged the much-neglected stack of unopened mail on my desk to discovered that I'd been paying interest on my iPod purchase. As I wrote the check to pay the balance, Steve Jobs was announcing the new models and a music service.

For some reason I received a subscription to Nickelodeon magazine. I think I'd offered to subscribe for a children's program, but they sent the magazine to me. I had to call three numbers, but I was able to cancel it.

I pulled out some old cargo pants and flip flops and walked up to the post office to get stamps to mail bills, stopping on the way home to do my homework. In consumer culture news: tickets for Sasquatch arrived in today's mail and I found a copy of Magnetic Fields's 69 Love Songs on Amazon after failing to find it at Apple Music.

What a ridiculous day.