April 25th, 2003

the only earth?

some things happened today

This morning, I read an interview in The Believer about free will. Basically, it's not real. No ultimate/deep moral responsibility. The article isn't online, so you'll have to shell out eight bucks for the magazine.

In the afternoon, a longish theoretical techfee meeting. Ultimately, the kids in introductory programming will have a new general access lab.

After the meeting, I went to the bookstore to replenish my supply of blue ink pens and canary blue legal pads. I've really grown attached to these and have trouble funtioning without them.

I won this CD on eBay and it arrived today.

A quick stop for batteries and some work at Solstice was followed by another softball game. Once again, we lost. (Just wait until the playoffs!) Our opponents this time were pretty entertaining -- they were older and swore and spit. Kind of like pirates in the form of respiratory therapists.

[ 23 pictures of other people | their pitcher was much surlier in real life | a dutch bike ride ]

After the game, we searched for food in the yuppie land of U-Village and once again settled on Delfino's for pizza. Some people really enjoy the biscuitlike crust, but to me it doesn't seem like real pizza.

Now, I guess I'll watch a movie -- either Wet Hot American Summer or Far From Heaven and pack my things for this weekend's trip to Orcas Island.

I hope the weather is decent. I'm not hardcore enough to enjoy anything but pleasant camping.
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