April 22nd, 2003



Between classes, I read this neat article about {f,ph}oto(b)logs. In particular, the article is about Fotolog.net, which incorporates friends and comments features and looks kind of addictive.

Except now I need to go to class.
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the only earth?

regime change

Isn't it just a little creepy that Saddam Hussein's regime allowed UN weapons inspectors into Iraq, but now the Coalition of the Willing doesn't want to let them return?
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the only earth?


For tonight's social activity, we went to Sunset Bowl in Ballard. [ pictures ]

While we waited for a lane, we hung out in the lounge, which features a Nut Bar and many regulars who the bartender would greet as "stranger".

When we were assigned a lane and shoes, we found that one game was enough for us. With my amazing skills, I was able to break through the 100 point barrier and win the game.

The fun continued in the arcade where we were drawn to Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME. It took me a while to figure it out, but Kate is a genius. Where I'd be thrilled to get a "good", she'd get strings of 60+ "perfects".

Anyway. Time to watch my tape of 24.
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