April 19th, 2003

the only earth?

sports night

In softball news, the South Pacific Heat lost its second game tonight. This week, we lost to the Savory Sluggers. We can take consolation in our improved fielding. And we had dinner at Delfino's after the game.

Later, A Mighty Wind and Moon Temple "VIP Room" with Ellen & co. The movie was very funny and the Chinese food was the best of 2001. Whatever that means.
i am not a stuffed tiger.


So far, a low-impact Saturday.

I slept in, cooked breakfast, read, listened to an old episode of This American Life, and watched The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys.

Ranting about the movie:
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Yeah. As usual, Stephanie Zacharek's reveiw is just about perfect.

Later, dinner party at Kate's.
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the only earth?

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From Harper's Weekly Review:
American military officers denied that they had stage-managed the much broadcast destruction of a statue of Saddam Hussein, surrounded by a small crowd of cheering residents, and said that it was just a coincidence that the very same American flag that flew over the Pentagon on September 11 was on hand to be wrapped around the statue's head.