April 17th, 2003

the only earth?


I didn't see Of Montreal last night because Ellen was on her deathbed. Or something like that. That's O.K. (the not going to the show), since I was advised that their live performances aren't really good at all.

I'm not going to a Seder tonight because our host's grandfather died, she's out of town, and I'm not Jewish. But: happy Passover, Holy Week, or both.

As a substitute, there is a student party at the Henry Art Museum for the James Turrell: Knowing Light exhibit. It should be interesting and free.
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the only earth?

in my dreams i'm dying all the time

The Knowing Light exhibit was really great. You should go. Especially if you like rectangles, the color blue, or other shapes.

You go into a room, take off your shoes, climb the stairs, and step into the light. Inside, the boundaries are unclear and people become silhouettes. It's a classic religious experience without the drawbacks of religion or death. I want to go back when it isn't so busy to can sit in the blue room and ruin my eyes.

Also on exhibit: a whale skeleton made from plastic chairs!