April 16th, 2003


in review, this required an edit.

I really liked the show tonight. There were enough people at the beginning not to feel empty or crowded.

I was sort of tired, so I drank red bull and vodka tonight. It was strangely not bad.

I know that it's trendy to dislike Chop Suey, but I didn't really mind it tonight. The red glow provided an excellent contrast with the blue swimming pool footage, digital video with enhanced flickering, focus, and captions projected as a background to Diamonds Are Forever. I didn't expect anything of the opening bands and really liked both.

By the time the Notwist played, the room was full of people and the red lanterns didn't look as cheap as usual above the crowd of bobbing heads. The Notwist (which I like to pronounce as not-twist) are so good as wrapping organic in a synthetic cocoon, I don't really know where each element begins. Though I liked their performance, I wish that bands could be convinced to abolish multiple encores. If you want to take a break, go ahead. Just be honest.