April 14th, 2003

the only earth?

the procrastination series

Today I joined the legions of Nalgene-bottle carrying REI members. I'd avoided the Nalgene bottle scene because I don't trust tap water and kept forgetting to buy a Brita filter. Spending many dollars a day on bottled water finally got old, and now I have a Brita pitcher and a pretty, green 500 ml water bottle.

Of course, I signed-up for a REI membership since I love co-ops. I'd been meaning to do that forever.

I haven't been to Dante's in a long time either. But having homework due every Tuesday isn't making it easier to break the postponement cycle. Maybe next week?

Oh well, I already have two mid-week bar occasions this week: The Notwist tomorrow and Of Montreal on Wednesday. : )

Both at Chop Suey. : \
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