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April 3rd, 2003


learning. mysteries. etc.

At work today, I completed a mandatory HIPPA training. It was a series of modules on the web. Basically, I learned that you shouldn't give out people's private healthcare information, shouldn't leave password lists taped on your computer, and should have a backup plan in case your servers catch fire. Also: if someone is trying to get a celebrity's medical records by dressing up in a lab coat you can probably tell that he's not a real doctor because he won't have a badge and will say STAT! too often.
meeting, meeting, errands
Went with Ellen to see Gerry at the Crest. I think I liked the movie, but I'm pretty sure that I didn't "get" it. I'm not really sure that there was anything to "get". I kept wondering what happened to Casey Affleck's hoodie.
I have homework, but I think I will do it in the morning.

umm. today.

Having two classes in the middle of the day is sort of strange. Working before or after seems kind of pointless. Oh well. I'm sure I'll come up with a reasonable schedule.

After classes, I had a haircut. My usual person was sick, so I went elsewhere and learned that a cat can be allergic to its own teeth. In this case, the best course of treatment is to remove all of the cat's teeth. Amazingly, the cat can still eat dry cat food.

Later, a bunch of people from our department went to Northlake Pizza with prospective students. It was pretty fun, and a surprising number of current students were there.

I've almost completely stopped watching news of the war and have been catching up on old episodes of This American Life instead.

an advisory message:

Mini Cadbury Creme Eggs really don't hold a candle to the regular ones.

a question

Does anyone have a favorite South American wine?