March 26th, 2003

the only earth?

in my dreams I'm dying all the time

So, in my dream last night there was an episode in which I [but not me] was trying to dial 911, but it kept connecting to a product information hotline. The problem was that I couldn't remember whether it was necessary to dial a number to get an outside line before dialing 911.

Anyway. I don't really think that I can test this without alerting the authorities.

The "funny" part of the dream was that I was calling because someone was having a panic attack, and then the not being able to get through was making me panic.
the only earth?

scenes from public transit

A woman enters a bus shelter. A tabloid advertising a sale at Lowe's is on the bench. She takes the advertisment, turns it over, and sits on it.
she [looking at his attempt at facial hair]: do you think you'll shave tomorrow?
he: I don't think so [gestures toward and looks at his groin], why?

"hello, I lost my baby's pacifier and I'm too cheap to replace it. Could I get one from lost & found?"