March 22nd, 2003

the only earth?


Today I thought about being productive, but instead got caught up in the shock and awe of "A-Day", became obsessed with Tetris, cleaning my finals-neglected room, and then watched Michigan State play basketball. That is, until they were ahead by too many points, and then it was time for CBS to show another game. Anyway, it's pretty rare for me to be able to see them at all, and it was good to see Tom Izzo and MSU winning.

Later, I went to the Cha Cha with Ellen for Doug's birthday. Then we met Al & Jessica at the Crocodile for The Decemberists (yay!), the Vells (boo!), and Iron & Wine (yay, but too long).

I guess that's it.
the only earth?

consumer culture

I slept sort of a lot this morning, in between watching CNN and talking on the phone. When it seemed pretty clear that the war was boring and the weather was nice, I remembered that Stephen Malkamus was doing a free in-store at the new Sonic Boom. The store was completely packed, and the show was short and kind of goofy, but good. Especially for the low low price of free, which is much less than the $13 to see them at Graceland tonight.

I bought some CDs, walked to Broadway and picked up some ReadyMade magazines and, after missing the bus a few times, came back home. Soon, I'm going to have dinner at an undisclosed Italian restaurant that is rumored to be decorated in the style of a bordello.
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