March 15th, 2003

the only earth?


The weather was kind of deceptive today. It was really sunny and nice, just not warm enough to sit outside for academic purposes. I learned this after walking down to the park by Agua Verde, thinking I'd get lunch and start revising for my exam on Wednesday. Faced with the cool breeze and the insane weekend lines at the restaurant, I instead walked up the street and had a disgusting vegan lunch at Hillside Quickies. By disgusting, I'm not necessarily referring to the flavor. There may not have been any animal products involved, but I can't imagine that any of the food could have been healthful.

After that, I went to solstice and made it through a few weeks of lectures. Aside from the good music, convenience, and quality food & beverage aspects, I think I like going there because of the familiar cast of characters who I don't actually know. Kind of like comfort food in atmospheric terms?

I don't have any plans for tonight so I'll probably just stay here to read and write my paper for next week.


In other news: spaghetti-o's for dinner again reminds me that grocery shopping can't be avoided for much longer.
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the only earth?

"Shut up, you monkey," said the Iraqi

Another item from the list of wonderful things: Harper's Weekly Review, the week's major stories in short format on a single page.

It is a brilliant juxtaposition of depressing, surprising, funny, and informative items. Aside from the quote in this post's subject line, I think that my favorite two parts from the report are:
... there was speculation in the Washington Post that the president was on drugs.

McDonald's was trying to overcome the fact that the restaurant has come to be associated with poor, stupid, and fat people.

I think you really need to read the whole thing to get the full effect.
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