March 9th, 2003

the only earth?


ick. I think airline air left me feeling like I have a cold or something. Which is separate from the breathing issues. I don't know.

Watching the Sunday news shows, it appears that the war hasn't started yet. This is good, but not really since it seems like it will be soon. I heard something about the military preferring to have a moonless sky for the invasion. Hmm. The UW page says that the moon is waxing crescent with 36% of the moon's visible disk illuminated. I wonder what that means for war plans.

ick (pt. 2): very much need to start writing a paper today. selecting a topic would be a good start.
the only earth?


[ miami pictures ]

It seems like there are a lot of topics that I meant to mention, but notes from the trip have already been turned into several posts of meaningless text. So an incomplete list: the insane number of Hummer H2s on the streets of Miami, the beautiful people, the overtanned, jellyfish, children rolling in dirt, art deco museums, taxis in various forms, not being able to bring enough appropriate footwear, blisters, sharing a bed, being isolated from the news, not knowing the status of the war, poor highway signage, not getting sunburned, $90 tiki frogs . . .

Topics of cardiovascular epidemiology that I've decided are silly: the metabolic syndrome, pulse pressure, the amount of interest in c-reactive protein.