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March 3rd, 2003



From an article on Salon.com about Colin Powell's shift from moderation to war-advocate:

As part of his U.N. brief, Powell cited an "exquisite" British "intelligence" dossier that detailed Iraq's deceptive practices. Within days though, it became clear the report, which contained information that turned out to be 12 years old, had been put together by Blair's press office and had plagiarized key sections from a graduate student paper available on the Internet.

The article isn't that groundbreaking, but I hadn't heard about the exquisite intelligence until now and thought it was a funny (/depressing that the "superpower" is using such shoddy evidence to try to convicnce the rest of the world that we're right.) detail.


I studied for a few hours this morning and then went to Health Sciences to pick up my exam. After checking the library for a place to work on it, I had to resort to one of the booths at the South Campus Center. The test was kind of difficult, but I rushed through it so that I wouldn't notice how much of the answers I was making up.

Once I'd turned-in my answers, I started running pre-travel errands. Pharmacy, ATM, some clothes buying, now waiting for laundry / waiting to pack my things. When that's ready I'll go to Dante's for a little bit.