March 2nd, 2003

the only earth?

I was supposed to study today / this weekend for an exam that I have tomorrow, but I find it pretty un-compelling. I got as far as finding all of my notes and stacking them up in chronological order by this afternoon. Then I thought that going to solstice would force me to go through them.

When I got there, I ended up sitting with Brendan and his friend Alex on the deck for a mocha. The weather today was a rainy and cool combination that is both excellent and crappy. It sounds mildly parasitic, but talking to them and seeing them interact was very entertaining and much more interesting than studying. After they left I made it through about a third of my material.

I came home, watched the Simpsons and Six Feet Under, ate dinner, and now I'll try to study (essentially = copy handouts to a notepad) some more. There's always tomorrow morning! I feel like I'm being very passive-aggressive self-destructive about all of this.