February 26th, 2003

the only earth?


I really think that some one should institute a rule to prohibit journalists (or headline writers) from using stupid metaphors like "Turkey's Almost Done" [slate] or "Turkey Wrangling" [CNN] unless the story is actually about the type of bird raised in Turkeyville, MI.

I realize that being a headline writer is probably hard work, and it must be so exciting when something like this comes along: country & bird! the possibilities are endless! I'm just asking for a little restraint. It's just like the much abused "Smoke & Fire" and "Fire & Ice" commentary about Michigan State athletics last year [are these even the right pairings?].
the only earth?

class notes

Today in this public health law class we were talking about seat belt laws. Before we took a break, one of my classmates asked our professor about whether the no dancing laws from the movie Footloose could really be enacted.

Now this out of the blue question in itself was an interesting highlight. But it gets better---the professor hadn't seen or even heard of this movie! I didn't really think that was possible.

I guess that's what happens when you get both law and medical degrees.