February 23rd, 2003

the only earth?

this day.

This morning was filled with mundane things: watching the McLaughlin Group, doing laundry, playing Tetris, reading. I also watched Me and Isaac Newton, a really great documentary about a collection of scientists. It wasn't really about each of their areas of research; instead the focus was on why they became scientists, what their lives were like, where they found inspiration, and how they viewed the process of discovery. It featured some really important researchers, though I'll omit their names because I'm too tired to find the correct spellings right now.

For evening entertainment, I met Kate at Solstice before the 10-minute play festival at the UW. I misread the blurb in The Stranger and though that the event was at the Playhouse Theater. When we walked over there it was closed; so we went to Meany hoping for more information. The guy at the box office informed us that it was at the Penthouse Theater and advised that we run because they didn't allow late seating.

We sprinted across campus and arrived just as they were closing the theater. There were six plays and eight actors. We didn't time the plays, but I suspect that some of them ran for more than ten minutes. For the most part, the event was really enjoyable. A few of the plays were confusing at the time, but the acting was really good and each play was short enough that good acting was enough to sustain attention even with the plot was overfocused or confusing or not quite perfect.

After the plays, we tried to go to Flowers, but it was overwhelmed by a pub crawl. We waited for them to leave and met Carole next door at Ruby. When the coast was clear, we went next door for a three-dollar margarita and sat on the stage/glassed-over fountain.
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the only earth?

god's light

I woke up sort of early this morning had some waffles with nutella and jam, which reminded me of Washington D.C. With my extra unexpected morning time, I talked to my parents for a while. My phone kept dying, so it was slightly annoying. I think that Sprint doesn't like people using the network for extended periods of time. Sometime I'd like to try to test the limits of unlimited nights and weekends.

The talking was followed by some exercising primarily consisting of the machine augmented running.

The next agenda item was a trip to Easy Street for a free in-store performance by OK Go. [pictures for people who like that sort of thing.] I like their new CD, and the very low price of free was difficult to resist. I though that their live show was surprisingly good, since the CD has a somewhat produced sound.

After the show and some wandering through the store, I met Ellen, Tim, and Amber in traffic. We drove to Le Pichet and Ellen found the best parking spot ever. Cori was waiting inside where New American Starlet was playing. I don't have any specific memories of their music, but it felt like the perfect accompaniment to the weather and the restaurant. We proceeded to eat many pleasurable foods. My lunch included a cheese plate, some salad, wine, and banana hazelnut fritters with ice cream.

I think that today is the clearest day that I've ever experienced in Seattle (or maybe anywhere). Before today, I didn't know it was possible to see the mountain ranges to the east of the city with such detail. The view from the highway was completely amazing.

It is starting to feel like spring, with daylight extending into the five o' clock hour.

Even though I hate the Grammy Awards, I think I'll watch for a few minutes.
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