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February 14th, 2003


sheep go to heaven

R.I.P. Dolly

... If peaceful rest is even possible for someone scheduled to be displayed in the National Museum of Scotland.

If this news isn't quite as heartbreaking to you as it was to me, happy valentines day! your chocolate is made by child slave labor

oh boy!

Look! This is a post using LogJam on OSX. This is a great achievement for a stupid user like me.

update: I've already broken it. [(logjam:8377): GLib-CRITICAL **: file gstrfuncs.c: line 1557 (g_ascii_strcasecmp): assertion `s2 != NULL' failed]

Next: Carissa's Wierd and The Prom. I am so paranoid about not being able to get in to the show. Everyone should sell tickets in advance, just for my benefit.

ok, bye!