February 11th, 2003

the only earth?

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After class this morning, I went to work. Another one of those tree-murdering days where I print pages and pages of things to read for public health law. In addition to the basic printing, there's often the matter of tracking down the readings, which the professor didn't think to organize in an online format.

I read most of the assignment and learned to print in a double-sided slightly more envirnomentally-friendly way, and sort of thought about them a little bit. My other big achievement was reserving a plane ticket for Miami. I decided not to stay for extra days, because no one else is and I've really seen enough of Florida.

Tonight's activity: dinner at Thai-ger room and trivia at Finn MacCool's to see if we can continue our winning streak.
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drinking in the dark


Tonight turned out kind of strange and ended early. first, I ordered something under the Noodles menu at Thai-ger Room (#511 guay tiow kai) that turned out to be soup. It was O.K., but I wasn't really excited about soup.

Then, we were the only people at the bar who were interested in the quiz night; so it was cancelled. Later, I discovered that I might be allergic to Mac and Jack's African Amber. It makes my throat feel all funny. I think it's happened before, but I just made the connection. I'll need to do some research into its secret ingredients . . .