February 8th, 2003

the only earth?

sleep please

Three mediocre [to poor] bands at Chop Suey--The Divorce, Water Kill Sun (?), Dear John Letters--drained any energy I had and mixed with general tiredness. The first two bands had vocal issues: The Divorce might have been good without the unnecessary screaming; and the last band was a little to jammy.

During the show, I kept thinking how much I'm looking forward to seeing bands that I actually like. For instance: Carissa's Wierd and The Prom next Friday!
the only earth?


VH1 is showing a series called "I love the 80s". The collection of washed-up and B-level celebrities (sometimes both) is nearly as interesting as the soundbites they provide about various media events of the 1980s. There is one for each year.

For instance, I've been watching 1986: The Mets winning the world series, Whitney Houston, Stand By Me, ALF, Pretty In Pink, Janet Jackson, Aerosmith & Run DMC, Top Gun.

It is incredibly entertaining.