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February 7th, 2003


as promised . . .

Probably not of interest to many of you, but here are some pictures from tuesday night. Click to see graduate students on bulldozers, answering trivia, eating candy, and winning T-shirts for knowing more trivia than our opponents.

[ tuesday night photos ]

yellow to orange

You're probably wondering what to do given the now "high risk of terrorist attacks". Don't worry! The Department of Homeland Security has a great website with lots of informative answers.

What I'm really wondering is: how long it will take for them to change the nifty graphic on the top right corner of their homepage?</p>

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what I learned today: the Health Sciences Library now charges 15¢ per side.

That is almost as annoying as the orange terror alert. I wouldn't mind the terror alerts so much if they were even slightly meaningful to the general public.

There were other things, like learning that it was Friday and not Saturday, going to techfee where I had my first Krispy Kreme donut (cold, unimpressive), watching television on tape, etc.