February 6th, 2003


in summary

last night, I was pretty convinced that I wouldn't feel like going to class in the morning. when I woke up feeling fine, I still didn't go on principle. I hadn't done the reading, so I really didn't see the point.

Instead, I went to the office and printed and mailed my manuscript. Whee. Fun stuff.

After a full day of fun at the CHRU and a GPSS meeting, I went to an experimental college class about wine. It was o.k. I'm not really sure that I learned anything particularly useful. Some label terminology and four wines.

I grabbed some take-out from Agua Verde before meeting up with Ellen, Al, and Brian. We went to the Crocodile and gave Brian a quick primer on hipsters, indie, and emo. The bands were New American Standard, Pris, and the Lashes. I don't necessarily think that any of the bands were "good", but the Lashes are pretty funny.

[ click the picture for a few more pictures ]
The best part is that they played the Kathleen [Wilson] song. I was able to capture most of it on mp3 for your listening pleasure.

the only earth?


Longish day, even though it's not really even late.

Went to class in the morning and actually arrived on time. The class is in one of the most crowded and uncomfortable rooms, which really makes it harder to like it.

After hanging out at home for a couple of hours I went downtown for a meeting and to do some work. I discovered that it was really easy to access my iBook from the windows network. I should've known this, but these little details are still pretty fun.

From work, I went to Pioneer Square to meet Rachel, Carole, and Jenn for the first Thursday art walk. While I was waiting for them, I had a really good grilled cheese sandwich at Elliott Bay. We spent most of our time in the galleries, where we eventually met up with Kate and David. Looking at all of the expensive artwork, we decided that it seems like a good short term idea to abuse credit limits to get a loft and some pricey paintings.

Instead of following this path to financial ruin, we eventually elected to look at some of the more affordable artwork being displayed outside. On a whim, I bought a drawing of a white and gold cat. It would make a great T-shirt, but I'm not sure what I'll do with the print. Having lived here for so long, I hadn't done the whole art walk / first thursday thing, so I'm glad to have done it.

We tried to get some dessert, but gave up after being unable to find a good parking spot.