February 4th, 2003

the only earth?

those whacky conservatives!

last night I mentioned that I haven't been reading Salon.com as much as I used to. While they may have cut down on content, I think that one of the major reasons is that I just prefer not to know about the news.

For example: Michelle Goldberg writes about the 30th Conservative Political Action Conference

As I actually read it, there are many funny ( / scary?) parts:
Heralded by the power chords of Survivor's 1982 hit "Eye of the Tiger," Cheney got things off to a roaring start at about noon on Thursday.

One panel asked, "Islam, Religion of Peace?" (Short answer: no.)

In addition to literature about drug abuse, the booth was selling videos titled "Harry Potter, Witchcraft Repackaged: Making Evil Look Innocent."
the only earth?

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last week, I sent an email to my department to say, "hey, let's hang out and drink on tuesday nights." no one outside the regular tuesday night social club showed up. i found this somewhat disappointing, because I've heard so many people complain that our department is not very social. whatever.

anyway, it was a lot of fun without the random invitees. we started out at the big time drinking dark beers and eating fatty foods. immediately canceling out the potential health benefits of the event (moderate alcohol consumption, social support, moderate exercise). after hanging out there for a while, our numbers dwindled to four who decided to use "aliases" (?): harrison, collin, london, and butterscotch [because Carole couldn't think of something better]. we walked up to the mix for some ice cream. I was the only member of the group to order my own combination (vanilla ice cream, caramel, and pralines, if you must know) in a cone.

Then we went to Finn MacCool's for their quiz night. It isn't well-established, so we didn't have to pay to play. After fifty questions, some cheese fries, and a pitcher of Pabst, we found that we'd won a round of drinks, some XL t-shirts, and keychains. Since we'd already had too much alcohol, we traded our drinks for our tab and went home. Many pictures were taken, and I'll post them tomorrow.

Now, I think I'll watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer on tape.