February 3rd, 2003

the only earth?

this entry is mondaylike.

at work today, there was a baby shower. tempted by the free food, I attended. It was slightly entertaining: memory games, modified scattergories, and gift opening. After each gift was opened, it was passed around the room for closer inspection. I don't know. I don't attend many functions of this nature, but I found it a rather strange practice.

Oh well. Anthropological expeditions, I guess.

Not much else of particular interest. Some work on the high-end weight-losers / risk-reducers and some exercise of my own. Now, I'm thinking about getting ready for Dante's; noticing that the Counting Crows are on Boston Public. For some unspecified reason, I find this slightly funny.

p.s. another commercial crossover: one of the Dell Interns is on a Verizon text-messaging commercial.