January 28th, 2003

the only earth?


I had fun at Dante's. Really, any time I can use the cocktail tray I know it's a good time. Especially when I can use the cocktail tray to deliver Shirley Temples. That's a definite highlight.

Another scary highlight was when Ellen threw her keys across the table at Brad. That was really a shocking development.

Finally, there were so many pretty drinks at the T-table. I was strangely obsessed with them, and their names.

O.K., that's all for now.
the only earth?

or both.

I wonder if anyone is having a State of the Union party. Whether you're watching alone or in a group, this drinking game should enhance your enjoyment of the event or result in alcohol poisoning.

And even though I'm not particularly thrilled with government, I'm still a sucker for the symbolic aspects of the address: the way that the Speaker of the House has to invite the president to come down from the White House across the National Mall to the Capitol Building to make a speech. The divisions of power, checks and balances all in the same room at the same time. Of course, there is the exception of that one Cabinet Secretary who stays behind unless the whole place gets blown to pieces. How must if feel to be that person.

I'm not saying that the ceremony will make me like the content of the address, all of the standing and clapping, or the bounce in poll numbers.
the only earth?

this whole post is stupid, but I don't feel like editing anymore.

I just did something geeky--sneaking into a communications class to hear brad talk about livejournal. Now I feel that I compelled to balance that activity with something involving fresh air. This, I realize, doesn't make any sense, but the weather is incredibly nice. It's supposedly pretty cold in other parts of the country; so I think I'll go outside to run. I don't know if this pleasant weather guilt is rational, but I'll just go with it for now.

As for the geekiness, I can't completely escape it. My plans for tonight involve watching the State of the Union Address and going to play trivia games at a cafe. Or a bar. Maybe both.
the only earth?


Tonight's designated Tuesday Night Social Event was playing Trivial Pursuit at Espresso Roma.1 Even though I am generally un-competitive, I somehow ended up almost yelling at some guy from the general coffeehouse population who joined us. I didn't completely understand that he wasn't a friend of a friend, but he kept convincing my teammate to go with wrong answers.2 But anyway, that was sort of entertaining.

I also hold the rather strong conviction that you shouldn't read the answer to the questions until the other team guesses. Especially after reading about the microexpressions (too lazy to find the link...). The game ended in a tie, which was actually fine with me.

My iPod finally arrived, so I'll probably play with that for the rest of the night. Whee!

(1) As a Solstice partisan, this wouldn't have been my choice, but it worked well for this because it was quiet and fairly empty.

(2) I'll blame it on the caffeine. Though I needed to go back to remind the barista to include an espresso shot in a mocha. yeah. please see cafe partisanship, above.