January 26th, 2003


cover art

My staying in resulted in eating M & M's and Combos and finally getting around to reading "Kitchen" by Banana Yoshimoto. Though the perky woman on the cover kept me from taking it off the shelf for quite a while, I did enjoy the text portion of the book. The cover, however, really needs to go. Who were the ad wizards that thought that it was a good idea to put "BANANAMANIA IS HERE!" on the back cover?

reading it only took a couple of hours and rather than start something new, I read some old classic issues from open letters.

Hmm. Given my recent media consumption's [unintentional on my part] focus on death, I think that I should try to choose something cheerier different (?) for my next reading "assignment".

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The Super Bowl. I'll probably watch it (since commercials are practically programming), but here are a few links to demonstrate the multi-dimensional aspect of the event:

  • Aaron [601am] explains the Super Bowl.

  • Esquire gives tips on how to beat your bookie.
  • Salon plays it safe by picking both the Raiders and the Bucs (sort of) to win.

  • CNN reveals how it benefits avocado growers.

    Or maybe it's just a good distraction from the upcoming State of the Union?