January 24th, 2003

the only earth?

oh my goodness wow.

Among other exciting happenings of today1, the most exciting2 event was receiving a gift from someone that I don't know. An item from my Amazon.com wishlist, The O. Henry Prize Stories for 2002, came to me today.

I write about having trouble finding something and it arrives by mail within a week. remote wish fulfillment = neat!

Off to see About Schmidt!

(1) public health law: duty to inform, testing prostitutes for HIV, closing bathhouses in NYC; brown-bag lunch / trainee meeting about going to Miami in March; Techfee meeting in which we spent about a half million dollars on eight proposals: UW students get ready to HDTV record/3D prototype/large-venue project your hearts out!

(2) as promised on my homepage: I did not find this at all creepy. thanks!