January 22nd, 2003

the only earth?


The acoustic Tuesday at the Sunset was definitely worth the low low price of admission. Among other good things, Ben Lashes performed what might be the best song ever, "Kathleen". It's all about Kathleen Wilson, a writer for The Stranger.

I wish I had a recording, or at least the lyrics.
the only earth?

semi-distilled day

super fun topics covered today: legal cases involving testing pregnant women's urine for cocaine, mandatory smallpox vaccination, a clean and healthful environment in Montana; lipid-lowering medication and venous thromboembolism; marginal structural models for analysis of longitudinal data; reports and updates from the officers of GPSS.

sources of calories: marionberry muffin, el rey vegetarian burrito with tortilla chips, white chocolate mocha

sources of wireless internet: health sciences library (thanks informatics!), Odegaard library, my AirPort base station.

a strange link featuring real media: the Art Institute scene from Ferris Beuller's Day Off from a sort-of obsessed website.

a magazine that's pretty good this month: Wired