January 21st, 2003

the only earth?


Went to BINGO at Chop Suey. Both Ellen and I won some fabulous prizes. My fabulous prize was a Crayola brand 35 mm camera. Yes. You are all so jealous.

After a few rounds of BINGO, it would be time for some karaoke. (or just 'roke). For the most part, it wasn't good (or bad). There were a couple of exceptions: Cori and Betsy sang "Heartbreaker" and won excellent prizes with the assistance of a well-organized cheering section. Another guy was pretty good too, but we don't really care about him anyway.

I'm not sure that BINGO is the anti-Dante's, but it's possible. Even though it was fun, I'm pretty sure that I'll go back to the T-table next week.

special sneak preview of my activities for tomorrow: Tuesday Night Social Club will be meeting at Ruby at ~ 5 pm for the $3 drink of the moment tomorrow. Also: Acoustic Tuesday at Sunset Tavern. Come one and all for good times.
the only earth?

secondary sources (a.k.a., I'm a dork).

Walking to the bus stop, I realized that I'd forgotten my cell phone. My first thought was, "how will I know the time?" Then I remembered that I had planned for such an occasion by leaving my rarely-used watch in my bag.
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the only earth?

screaming trees

I just killed about a thousand trees printing rulings for my public health law course. Buying the course pack probably would have been easier. Too late now!

OK. Off to Ruby for tuesday night social fun. Stop by if this weather makes you feel like drinking!
the only earth?

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Ruby was very mellow. Rachel and Carole came, and we had weather-appropriate refreshments. I had herbal tea, tofu yellow daal soup, and bread. The rain right now is barely rain at all. It's more like hanging out inside a cloud.

Not drinking was a good idea since I have much to read before going out later tonight.
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