January 20th, 2003

the only earth?

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Happy MLK day. Or as Nick Krieger used to say, happy milk day.

So far my celebrations have included watching the Rushmore DVD. I watched the movie part and the Charlie Rose interview part.

Even though everything is a little off, I think that I would really enjoy living in a Wes Anderson universe.
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the only earth?

a boring post about the last hour

I hardly ever use the library as a source of reading material. I know this is pretty stupid of me, but that's sort of beside the point.

When I heard that there was a newish David Foster Wallace story, "Good Old Neon" in Conjunctions I wanted to get a copy. After finding that it wasn't online or in a full-text database, I thought about the library. Maybe because library == journals in my mind?

I didn't realize that they stopped carrying this publication in 1994 until I got to Suzzallo. Anyway, I remembered that it was also in The O. Henry Awards 2002, which is also in the library. I went to Odegaard and it was checked out.

Moral: my card-catalog skills could use work. So could the public card-catalog terminals, for that matter.