January 18th, 2003

the only earth?

let's see

yesterday ... tech fee meeting, editing at solstice, going to see Talk to Her, stale popcorn and $3 water for dinner, a group neuvella project.

A couple of words about Talk To Her: slow, creepy, beautiful, creepy. It was a foreign movie about two women in a coma, so it was not entirely unexpected. Maybe I'll look at some reviews.

today ... i don't know. no specific plans. maybe some fresh air?
the only earth?


So, the guy from the New Beetle Convertible commercial (the one with the E.L.O. song) is now in a PlayStation commercial (for War of the Monsters). In the new ad, he and a girl are at a drive-in movie sitting in what looks like a New Beetle Convertible.

Crossover commercials?


And I did go outside---to the dog park with Ellen and Flash. So it's not as if I've completely wasted the nice weather by watching the slutty people from the Real World Las Vegas all afternoon.