January 14th, 2003

the only earth?


Dante's was surprisingly fun tonight.

I say surprisingly because ... the topics of conversation included things that make me sad:
  • minefields
  • depressed rescue dogs (and human rescuers pretending to be found to bolster the dogs' morale)
  • the movie, You Can Count On Me (still really really good!)
  • the Democrats' prospects in the 2004 election

    So, I think the key is: multiple pitchers of beer + good people = good times at Dante's. And hanging out with Jeff Magnum really helps a lot!

    Class in eight hours.
  • the only earth?


    I was just thinking about how this class that I have today would really be the perfect class for attending in pajamas. If only I had some.

    And didn't spontaneously wake-up an hour and a half early.

    run-ons and fragments

    After going to class (in street clothing), listening, asking some questions, and returning home, I went to the post office in Bellevue to apply for a passport. not that I have any specific plans for travel, but it just felt like something I should do. Preparation for spontaneity...

    The whole process was much less complicated than I'd expected. Hand over some forms, take a bad picture, and pay some fees. Wait 4-6 weeks. The end.

    Even though the weather was excellent--blue skies and giant low altitude clouds--I decided to use a machine to pretend to run when I returned from my passport adventure.

    Now I should probably try to do my reading for tomorrow. Since I am, of course, a serious student.