January 13th, 2003

the only earth?


I think I momentarily lost my mind and just bought an iPod online from Dell.

10% off, no tax, delayed payments ... went to my head.
the only earth?


so. my old broken mp3 player wasn't really broken. the batteries were just dead.

I feel like a complete genius right about now.
the only earth?

hooray! an update.

I went to the office to print articles and read them for class tomorrow. Instead I just finished reading all of this year's techfee proposals.

My eyes are tired and the browser fonts are magnified; so I guess this must count as some sort of productivity.
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the only earth?


After being at Met Park all afternoon not doing my homework, I went to Solstice to read the articles that I'd ignored all day. Things were going well, reading and infusing caffeine to the Solstice Mix CD (TM?).

I'm realized too late that my titration of sugar and caffeine went out of balance, killing my attention span and leaving me trying not to grind my teeth. I think that I'll try to eat something before going to Dante's(?)

side note: this stupid post reminds me of something about chemistry lab that was sort of fun--titration--the spinning bar magnets, phenolphthalein, pipettes, acids, bases. aah. good times!