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January 5th, 2003


weird sleep

Last night, I fell asleep listening to a clip from All Things Considered called "Fattening the Poor". I woke up replying to a text message that arrived at 1:31 AM, realized it wasn't really morning, and fell back asleep. The next time I woke up, it was really morning, but not really time to be awake, so I turned-on CNN and found myself dreaming about a Cessna flying through Brussels...

When I decided to really be awake, I cooked breakfast, read some of the New Yorker, and tried to finish editing my thesis into a submit-able manuscript.

After that, Le Pichet to eat cheese and bread, listen to a velvet-clad, beret-wearing guitarist and an enthusiastically-introduced woman. Despite the quality of the music, it's generally a good idea to go to Le Pichet on Sunday afternoon. For instance, I got to hear some good stories about Washington D.C. and to discuss how even though god is doing some great work in landscapes, it would really be great if he'd so some abstract work one of these days.

Now: trying to finish listening to that NPR thing from last night. It is a really sad comment on my attention span that I can't listen to this clip that is only six minutes and eighteen seconds long...

welcome pissed off catholics

I sometimes forget to read this column, hidden in the back pages of The Stranger by the comics, but in this week's issue it filled an entire page. In case you missed it --

The Stranger: A Critical Overview

the burning means love

SeaTac Airport is having a bad day: first a screener fell asleep and now there might be a bomb threat.