January 4th, 2003

the only earth?

grrr. performance art?

The thing at the YMCA was pretty entertaining. We arrived a little too early, walked down to 1st to kill time, and ended up at Roxy's Diner. The service was completely strange. The guy was trying to sell us on his satan rap band, took a really long time to notice the dirty plates on our table, and asked us to order by item. The food was good though and he brought free coffee.

At the show, there were lots of all-ages kids. And by all-ages, I mean little kids. And by lots, I mean about twenty-five. The acts ranges from punk rock children (Paxil Rose) to drag queens screaming very funny lyrics (Jackie & Ursula Android *). Between musical performances Ellen bought a hand-made Anna Oxygen CD with a grommeted cover, angry teens who read their spoken word 'zine pieces or interpreted the pledge of allegiance with electric guitar national anthem as background. yeah.

After that, we went to Chop Suey and didn't really watch New Luck Toy of eXBeSTFRIeNDS. Now the Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players are on Conan O'Brien. I can't say that it translates very well to television. (It probably reruns tomorrow on Comedy Central.)

* Backed by the Control Tops and The Androids, respectively. Even though they're the same people playing the same instruments.
the only earth?


To take advantage of the nice weather, I took a short bike ride this afternoon. I stopped in Fremont. Not really looking for anything, I bought some magazines and found a used copy of Dear Mr. President by Gabe Hudson at Twice Sold Tales.

I don't really have any specific plans for this evening, so I might try to make a dent in the stack of reading material that I've accumulated.