January 2nd, 2003

the only earth?

lots of rain tonight

Since I spent most of yesterday reading,1 unpacking my suitcases, watching the television and the internet, I thought that I should probably leave the house today (this year). To that end, I went to Target and Whole Foods. I bought various cleaning supplies and lots of food.

To get there, I used my friendly neighborhood FlexCar. Unfortunately, I was running late and left someone out in the rain waiting for me to return. I am a bad FlexCitizen. To try to make up for my lateness, I just left all of my bags of purchases under a stairway in the parking garage and hurried to return the vehicle. Luckily, they guy wasn't very upset about waiting and no one took my purchases.

Whee. To end this thrill-packed day, I think I'll watch a movie. Probably CQ.

[1] Now that I've finished the Harry Potter books, I can move on to the stack of books I got for xmas. That is, until Britain's highest earning woman writes the next installment in which Harry will likely be the subject of a murderous plot, compete for and win a prize, and end up in the hospital.
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