December 29th, 2002

the only earth?

another quick post

Yesterday my family started leaving. My sister went back to Allendale, the Texans went back to Texas, and my uncle met someone for a movie.

Jenna, Rhiannon, Aaron, Matt, and I went to The Union on what used to be a pedestrian mall. Now it is a street. We listened to some traditional Irish music and wondered what motivates people to start such a band. We watched a guy chewing and left a illustrated note on our table after Aaron left.
Tonight: Feather Bowling at the Cadieux Cafe. This will be my first time to attend this not exactly annual reunion of people who may or may not have lived on the third floor of Holmes Hall type event.

In the past I didn't go because the roads were icy and I was lazy. So I'm pretty excited to go. Though not quite a Blue Moon Festival, this should be pretty good.