December 12th, 2002

the only earth?

brief report

Today's activities included a CHRU meeting, fitting almost all of the students in the student office at the same time, presenting graphs at GPSS, going to solstice, starting to re-read for my english paper, finding out that the West Wing wasn't a rerun.

It seems like PBS has been having a neverending fundraiser. I think that their "let's show stupid shit instead of Charlie Rose week after week until there is no point to ever watching PBS" strategy is not a winner. Why can't they just have an auction like the station in East Lansing. That was compelling television.
the only earth?

parenthetical comments gone wild

I stayed at home all day, re-reading and making notes for an English paper that's due tomorrow. I still haven't really written it.

Ellen called this morning to tell me that she had (via Evan, via Devon) passes for a screening of Adaptation tonight. I broke my No Nicholas Cage Movies policy (instituted around the time of City of Angels), since the movie was written by Charlie Kauffman and directed by Spike Jonze. Even though Mr. Cage plays two characters, the movie was pretty fantastic. I think that it could be the most self-referential movie (that I've) ever (watched). A very meta movie even? It is an incredible balancing act: a movie about writing a screenplay adaptation of a book that turns out to be the movie itself. I understand why Charlie Kauffman was included in the Best & Brightest issue of Esquire (which really redeemed my respect for that magazine).

After the movie, we had a pretty incredible bus ride from the Uptown to Downtown. There was a guy on the bus who was having a lot of trouble with his five-month-old golden labrador puppy. He told people on the bus all about his dog's history (undescended testicle, tendency to torture small animals, last minute negotiations) and how his previous dog was a $200,000 wolf. I'm pretty sure that the dog was stolen.

It got better when the bus stopped at Heroin park. At that point the bus was almost entirely populated by crazies or people who went to the movie. A woman so obese that she required a cart boarded the bus and then got off at the next stop. She used the lift both times.

A couple of our "movie friends" guys got off the bus early to walk and still beat Ellen and I to our stop.

We walked back to Evan's house to get Ellen's car. While we were there, Evan gave us some Mochi and we talked about various dashes and Santas (traditional and non-traditional).

So. I should probably work on this paper.

oh, how I love the Google: more information about the new beetle commercial