December 11th, 2002

the only earth?

items from yesterday

The joy of PowerPoint is over for another quarter -- the nutritional epidemiology presentation went fairly well (one of the instructors even offered me a project). Now I just need to write my last essay for english and I'll be finished with classes for this quarter.

My computer returned from being repaired last night -- less than a week for turnaround seems pretty fast. At least compared to the fun of the Best Buy service center for my old laptop.

After picking up my computer, I walked over to studio301-Wallingford to go to the get your war on event in Belltown. Many people were crowded into Confounded Books / Wall of Sound (?) waiting for the author, David Rees, to fetch an overhead transparency projector. The comics were very funny in a "this is so sad that laughing seems an appropriate response" way. At the last minute, some very drunk people arrived and stood in our general vicinity.

The store sold out of his book, so I didn't get a signed copy. I guess that is good for Adopt-A-Minefield, who are getting all of the author royalties from the tour. 1

After the reading, we found that Ellen's car was still in the lot and hadn't been towed. In light of this good fortune, we drove around and around looking for a legal spot. While we were driving, my sister called for magazine advice.

After we were a half a second ahead of someone else, we went to the Lava Lounge (home of a hipster sheepdog) until it was time to go home and shoot cans with a BB gun in the basement.

Or maybe the number of books sold has no relationship to author royalties?