November 28th, 2002


today and tonight

Even though I fell asleep around 3 am last night, I still woke up this morning around 8. Unable to get more sleep, I just stayed in bed and watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer and 24. Who says waking up early equals productivity?

I had a great plan about going to work today for a meeting and staying until the show at Graceland, but the meeting was cancelled and all of the show times were wrong. I really didn't get much done there, most of us just sat around and talked.

After work, I went to Trader Joe's for some items to bring to Thanksgiving at Carole's. She said that she didn't need anything, so I just bought some breads and wines to feel like a contributor. I might bring some stuffed mushrooms or butternut squash ravioli if I'm motivated in the morning.

Tonight Ellen and I went to Graceland [pictures]: We missed a little bit of The Prom and lots of Rilo Kiley because we weren't allowed to take drinks1 into the showroom (?), but we saw more than enough to know that each of the bands was great in its own way.

When we first walked into the Prom, I was really confused because everyone was playing a different instrument than I expected. But then they switched, and I felt less crazy. I love it when band members switch instruments onstage (see also: Mum, Sigur Ros, etc.). One of the members of Rilo Kiley had a mustache style that Ellen predicted will become highly fashionable. I was really happy that Rainer Maria played songs that I knew. They were loud and emo-riffic in the best way.

While waiting for drinks, Ellen discovered that someone placed an I SAW U about Melissa. Add being seen to being friends with the band -- I'm in awe of her scenester status. I saw several people there who are on the LiveJournal.

After the show, no one was going to the Comet; so we went to Big Time, but left early because I was insanely tired.2

(1) on an empty stomach...
(2) which is my excuse for potential issues with grammar in this post.
the only earth?


This morning's news makes this story from last week seem even more relevant.

In other news:
CNN HeadlineNews has "dropped the banner" for an in-depth feature on wild turkeys in which two men and a live turkey are interviewed. This bit of information is shared: Turkey Talk: Males gobble to attract females / other noises: yelps, purrs & clucks.
the only earth?

the stranger: agree, disagree, or add your own

the stranger suggests things to be thankful for: Friends. Family. Kittens. The fire department. Your favorite CD. Libraries. Steve Pool. The gentle slope of a woman's neck. The beach. The ability to create fire. Whiskey. Thrift stores. Kevin Costner's career being in shambles. Art. Music. Writing (even poetry--but just barely). Your crazy aunt. Cotton. And finally, the fact that Labradors are always ridiculously happy when you pet them.

oh, and bid early and often in the Strangercrombie & Felch Holiday Gift Catalog 2002.
the only earth?


The thanksgiving festivities at Carole's were pretty great. She was a little stressed out about cooking the turkey, but all went well according to the meat eaters.

(I've been drinking wine for about ten hours, so this will be short. FYI: the Beaujoulais Nouveau at Trader Joe's is pretty good.)

We sat around, eating bread and cheese, listening to music for a while. Dinner was very good all around, with pie courses at movie (Zoolander) intermission and ending. I found the JCPenny line extremely funny and did not spit red wine on the carpet. The pumpkin pie, though left unrefrigerated overnight, was tasty and we hope that no one was poisoned... We watched another movie for a while (The Score), but I'd already watched it and pretended to be passed out until Rachel decided to go home.

Yeah. So happy thanksgiving, and I'll post some pictures tomorrow morning when I have nothing else to do with my long weekend.
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