November 24th, 2002

the only earth?

blight and squalor

I guess the UW beat WSU in the Apple Cup. It's pretty commendable that the UW team won and yet I didn't notice any rioting or burning of furniture or cars in the streets.

Still, it kind of makes me miss East Lansing. Nothing like a good old sport-related civil disturbance/uprising/fracas/melee/riot, police marching past the front porch, tear gas and flames a couple of blocks away, everyone making tapes to sell to Inside Edition ...

P.S. What was the point of the Gunson Street melee?
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the only earth?

a weekend recap.

Carole's party last night was pretty good. Aside from the rounds of speed Twister, it didn't get too out of hand for a "get rid of liquor" event. By the time I arrived, they had developed some interesting mixes. Most of which involved Blue Curacao and paper umbrellas.

When we played Scruples I kept challenging people and losing. Even when I tried to help Parmi end the game, it wasn't successful. There might have been a point to those sentences, but I'm not sure what it was.


The weather was surprisingly nice today. To take advantage of it, I mostly walked around town and bought stuff. Not exactly inspirational, I know, but it was cold and unexpected. And it gets dark early now.

I should probably read Beloved for class to redeem just a little bit of this weekend, in terms of academics.
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