November 21st, 2002

the only earth?


home again now.
i'm tired and need to finish reading Bone so I don't have time to write about these things from today:
lots of time spent in transit
conveyor belt sushi restaurant
poster presentation

or yesterday:
art museum
chicago style pizza
getting up early to email from starbucks.
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the only earth?

i can't ever decide if a userpic is necessary.

Today: went to classes, caught the end of a lecture about insulin and leptin that made me think about taking biochemistry again, helped moderate a techfee workshop, picked up a replacement battery for my iBook, and ate a bunch of candy (regular Spree is drastically inferior to Chewy Spree).

This reminds me that I need a topic for my nutritional epidemiology paper / pretend proposal. This is the part of taking classes that I hate -- assignments for the sake of grades. I guess that it's theoretically possible that I could pick something that might be useful ...
the only earth?

won't this be fun?

Today someone with the AOL screen name "I want to be fat" sent instant messages to me on my cell phone asking for an add code. This was mildly annoying, though this wannabe fat person probably didn't realize that the messages had somehow been directed to my phone. I didn't provide a code because I wasn't at my computer and the person had some spelling and grammar issues.

My brilliant idea: people wishing to give or get an invite code should go to invitecodes to post their conditions.