November 18th, 2002


Hi. I made it to my hotel last night around ten and didn't do much other than walking around outside for a little bit. I've spent most of the day at the insanely large conference in Chicago for the American Heart Association. The program is over three-hundred pages.

So, I'll probably stay here for an hour or so more, then back to the hotel to write my paper for English class. When that's finished, then maybe I can start having more of the fun?

My family might visit tomorrow and I do my poster thing on Wednesday. If anyone has super-great Chicago suggestions feel free to send me some text messages.

Ok. Bye!
i am not a stuffed tiger.

in case you were wondering...

The great suggestions are pouring in. They are, however, anonymous. SprintPCS is just that great.

Tonight, knowing that I needed to write some pages of English essay ASAP, I thought that it would be a brilliant idea to go somewhere other than my hotel to do it. Yay!, I thought, a way to see the city while doing homework. I asked people in Chicago to recommend a laptop-friendly coffee shop, and received blank stares.

Went to a Border's and looked in a guidebook. Picked an up-and-coming neighborhood and hailed a cab. The driver was mystified. So. I had dinner at Zoom Kitchen and have now found my way to a Starbucks.


At least the T-Mobile wireless is free for the first 24 hours.