November 15th, 2002

the only earth?

there's a Dell ad on the toolbar of the library macintosh's internet explorer

My iBook is hanging out at The Computer Store to see what's going on with the insanely short (10 minute) battery life. I dropped it off last night, so I hope they'll have some news by this afternoon. While I was there, I marveled at all of the strange but cool accessory products that are available for sale - keyboard covers, angled stands to promote laptop cooling, USB lights and fans. Seriously. People really must be inspired by those "be an inventor" infomercials.

Other than that, my poster is now being printed -- I succumbed to peer pressure and added colors which will be a little too bright and ugly. The woman from the department's travel office finally gave me my tickets for next week's trip to Chicago. I'm leaving on Sunday, so I really should write my paper for English class before leaving. That's my little goal for now.