October 17th, 2002

the only earth?

this is my thursday, it's becoming a routine.

I wake up at a time that seems very early and half rush to get ready for class. I get there a few minutes early, and we talk about this book. We talked about the sixties and the appropriateness of attempting to assign meaning to postmodern writing. In small groups, we discussed the potential significance of bones.

Then, with forty minutes between classes, I go to Solstice and get some sugar and caffeine. Today: sour cream coffee-cake and a beverage containing rice milk. The coffee cake is especially good for those who don't mind the intermingling of fruit and bread products. The blueberries do not cause sogginess.

Reading The Stranger, I see an article about tomorrow's Bright Eyes show and notice that Spoon is actually on Saturday. I think I will need to go even if it's just me.

Next is nutritional epidemiology. Today, I do not work through the crossword puzzle in class. Mostly because it is difficult.

Now. Maybe I should go to work. Things to do, etc.