October 13th, 2002


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This morning, I slept too long after going to bed too early. Eating cereal, spending quality time with Tim Russert and Wolf Blitzer is how I passed the remaining morning hours.

I went to see Moonlight Mile in the afternoon with Ellen. The movie was much less sad than I had expected. Dust particles did not lodge themselves into my eyes at any time during the showing of the film. That said, the principal actors were in top form. I would definitely recommend it to those looking for a good movie to watch. For the price of admission, you'll get a little sad, a little happy, some bittersweet, regular humor and romance, with animal antics thrown in for good measure.

{ Does it seems strange that Jake Gyllenhaal and Susan Sarandon are in several movies that are in current release? }

After the movie, the sky was cloudless and the sun was in my eyes while I was walking down to the public market. The crowds weren't annoying; more visitor-like than touristy. Or maybe there were just fewer of them. I bought fresh Jonagold apples and Bosc pears and drank apricot apple cider and ate cinnamon donuts. These, along with a loaf of multi-grain bread from DeLaurenti were my companions on a crowded bus ride home.