October 12th, 2002

the only earth?

the things that i did yesterday are listed

I went to the techfee meeting, which didn't last very long. I sat outside for a while reading the beginning of You Shall Know Our Velocity since I had some extra time, and it was sunny and almost warm.

In the evening, I went with Ellen to All City Coffee in Georgetown where her friend Tim was showing his showing his artwork. After standing around, sitting down, drinking mocha, meeting nice people, gazing at art from across the room, appreciating paintings up close, writing with a pen from the CIA, being fascinated by a feral-looking dog (there was also a normal-looking dog), it was time for the cafe to close. Outdoor loitering, swearing like sailors, spitting, and other rowdy behavior was kept to a minimum. You should know that airplanes large and small fly above the Georgetown neighborhood at low altitudes.

Later, people reconvened at Vito's. Things you might like to know about Vito's include the presence of red vinyl booths everywhere, ice in the men's toilets, a mirrored dance floor with multiple spinning disco balls, an old bar, and low lighting throughout. If these details suggest a dive bar, the correct image has not been properly transmitted. Instead, please think of a hangout for high-ranking members of prominent members of the the waste management industry. Think also of the older African-American man wearing a leather hat who is sitting at the bar with a much younger woman. She isn't wearing much of anything, and occasionally leaves her post at the bar for short errands. Each time, she returns with snack foods. The man can be overheard in the restroom saying that he isn't pimping tonight -- just having fun.

Now notice Dave Matthews sitting in the back corner booth. Notice how crowded this part of the restaurant becomes as people gather around and try to not to be obviously noticing him.
the only earth?

my plans to make my saturday especially lame

I don't know. There are a couple events that I could attend tonight, but I think I'm going to stay here. I'm not saying that staying in is the new going out or anything... I just don't feel especially social and I have some things I want to read and maybe some work to do.
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