October 10th, 2002

the only earth?

my day and an article i read

Today was not particularly original. The week seemed to go really quickly, tomorrow being friday and all.

I'm close to dealing with my travel arrangements for the AHA conference next month. Procrastinating much? Well, it's not really entirely my fault. But mostly.

After working a little, I went shopping but didn't find anything to buy. Such a feeling of defeat. I need some pants. Feel the excitement of my evening.

I'd like to link to an article, "The Case of Anna H.", but it isn't online. This is because it is in the New Yorker, and they are rather stingy with online content.
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the only earth?

story problem

Premise: I'm going to buy a secure digital memory card for my camera.

Select from the following options, or add your own solution:
128 MB SanDisk is $70 at Amazon, where I have a $40 gift certificate.
The same item is $70 at J&R, where there's a $20 rebate.