October 9th, 2002

the only earth?

another wednesday

Even when I wake up at a reasonable hour, I never make it downtown until a little before eleven. Oh well. I still did some work on changing the eligibility criteria for my paper. I made some nice little programs to make tables. This provides entirely too much entertainment. It's just that I despise typing numbers into cells over and over again. Even if the way around it takes longer, it is worth the extra time. There's also the part where I'm not very accurate, so minimizing typing reduces errors.

A couple of meetings, a burrito, and a busride later, and I was back on campus for the GPSS meeting. Which is always a real treat.

After that, I stopped in the Mary Gates wireless cloud to check my email and went to Suzzallo for a couple hours. The reading room is approximately a thousand times better at night with the glowing chandeliers, globes, and desk lamps. It's like a secular cathedral, I'm thoroughly enchanted.

At home, watching "The West Wing" I see Donald Trump in McDonald's commercials. If he's doing it for the money, doesn't that defeat the purpose of having him as a spokesperson?
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