October 5th, 2002

the only earth?

repetitive and numb

I didn't really feel like writing anything, but if you'd like something to read, I'll repeat Evan's link to the speech President Clinton gave at the Labour Party annual conference on Wednesday:

"The rhetoric is compassionate, the conservative is the reality."

It's a great speech, though he's definitely preaching to the choir. Reading it leaves me feeling sad. About the current administration and the last presidential selection. About politics in general and how, despite the accomplishments of Clinton years, I feel this sense that some important opportunities were missed, or sealed off for a long time. For instance, national healthcare, which felt really almost possible in 1992 is pretty much a dead issue now. I can't imagine anyone touching it for a long time. Not to mention Kyoto, paying a reasonable amount of international aid, fuel economy standards ...
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the only earth?

today I'm a shut-in, tomorrow maybe not

I've been doing not much of anything today. Laundry, reading, typing, watching television - enough baseball to know that both the Yankees and the Diamondbacks were eliminated from the series, enough news to know that Ari Fleischer basically called on the Iraqi people to try to assassinate Saddam Hussein, enough HBO to know that Ghosts of Mars is pretty horrible.

Yet, I'm not really dying to go out.
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